extract from the Foreword by Dr M

I met Krishna or KP as I call him during my time as the CEO of the Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine in Bangalore (India). He had a different demeanour and perspective to Yoga compared to most Yoga professionals I have met to date. That is what drew me to Shrimath Yoga and since then have spent a significant amount of time learning Yoga and Yoga Nidra at their traditional Gurukul.


A challenge like the coronavirus is unprecedented in these times. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across nations, the world is shocked and still grappling with options for containing or stopping the spread of the virus. Experts say that people with stronger immune systems and respiratory health are better equipped to handle this novel virus. 

The book explains why “Building Immunity” is our dharma now, which involves protecting ourselves from getting infected, avoiding being a carrier, transmitter or receiver. The author also shares ways to naturally boost immunity including means to not only optimize the metabolism of the body but also improve the functioning of the mind. 

Dr. Mahadevan Seetharaman, PhD

Chief Growth Officer and EVP of Digital Transformation, iLink Digital, USA                     

Former COO at Isha Arogya Research Foundation and the CEO & MD at IAIM Healthcare (funded by 4 TATA trusts).

Building Immunity (eBook)

GURUKRUPA,  #01 Arjunabettahalli

(The Yoga Village), Near Gollahalli Gate

Nelamangala, Bangalore Rural 562 123 Karnataka, INDIA Tel: +91 9739 020102


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