Book - Shrimath's Kitchen I

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A note from Smrithi…


Namaste! Whatever our goals in life may be, our bodies yearn for a balanced, nutritious and tasty food, meal after meal and day after day.


What suits one’s diet, how to cook and when to eat are fundamental questions. The ingredients should preferably be locally grown (within 500 kms radius of where we live).


It is very important to study the culture we belong to, as it gives us clues to why traditional food is cooked in such ways, i.e. oils, seasonal variations and specific situations when certain foods are prepared.


The recipes given in this book are tried and tested at Shrimath kitchen. Since 2011, students from approximately 40 countries including Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Australia, South Africa, US and the UK have been tasting and sharing feedback about our dishes. This has helped us to constantly refine and develop our dishes creatively, without compromising on nutrition or taste. It is for this opportunity which we are eternally grateful - to our students and the eternal source.


We hope these recipes provide you with a different experience of food enjoyment, nourishment and  cooking. 


Love thanks divine grace…

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