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Tiny Experiences

1. Yoga Snapshot (1 day experience)












There comes a time when regular weekend activities like picnic, parties,  shopping, long drives etc., start to stress us, instead of relaxing us

Though these activities have a place in our day to day life, there is a threshold that we reach and something within us asks, "is this life and can we go beyond this?" Then it's time to try out Shrimath's 1 day Yoga Snapshot!

Program Outline

  • You would undergo 2 sessions of Yogasana and 1 session each of Pranayama, Yoga Nidra & Meditation

  • Quality "gadget free" time 

  • An interactive session on the importance of maintaining physical & mental health

Outcome / Take away

  • You would be able to learn certain Yoga processes to maintain good health


Fee (per person)

For Indians: INR 2000

For Others: USD 40

2. Yoga Weekend













This could be built upon the Yoga snapshot one day experience or a stand alone module, or even an ongoing affair with​ Yoga. One Yoga Weekend a month is an investment that we can do to maintain our physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual health

You would learn to integrate the principles from Yoga / Tantra / Veda in daily life without compromising  your aspirations

Program Outline

  • You would undergo 4 sessions of Yogasana and 2 sessions each of Pranayama, Yoga Nidra & Meditation

  • Opportunity to work with local school kids

  • 2 interactive sessions with inputs from Yoga / Tantra / Veda

Outcome / Take away

  • You would be able to practice on your own, a set of Yoga processes that suit you

Fee (per person)

INR 6600

USD 140

3. Introduction to Yoga & the Indian Tradition












Many of us would like to explore whether Yoga is for us or not. Some of us would like to experiment whether Yoga can be taken up as a career or not. Still a few of us may wish to take an organic and the much needed break from our ​hectic lives.

When you reach at least one such situation, as mentioned above, then it is time to invest on this week long program

Program Outline

  • Daily interactive session on Yoga / Tantra 

  • Twice a day Yogasana, once a day Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Sakshi Bhava and Meditation

  • Opportunity to work with rural school kids

  • Assisting Shrimath team at the small farm

Outcome / Take away

  • Organic way to relax & reconnect with self

  • ​Assess if Yoga could be your career

Fee (per person)

For Indians: INR 23,100

For Others: USD 450 

4. Meditation














Meditation is one of the key aspects, yet the least understood aspect of Yoga. Quality of stillness and the depth of experience, can be fathomed only if we blend our Mediation practice with a well calibrated lifestyle and the choices that we make in life

At Shrimath Yoga, you can begin the journey to the core of Meditation through the '2 day Meditation Essentials'

Program Outline

  • You would undergo sessions on Yogasana, Pranayama, Mudra, Kriya, Yoga Nidra & Meditation

  • Interactive sessions on chosen topics from Veda, Tantra and Yoga principles

Outcome / Take away

  • An understanding of how to clear obstacles on the way to experience Meditation

Points to note before we take the next step...

  • "Tiny Experiences" is offered even if one individual shows interest.

  • This is an ideal gift to ourselves or those whom we love and value!​​

A Yoga experience to remember


I just finished a week long ‘introduction to yoga’ course at Shrimath Yoga, and it was an enlightening and fascinating learning experience!


The staff is incredibly kind and caring, and accommodated my visit according to my personal needs. If you decide to visit Shrimath Yoga make sure you reach out and get to know everyone, because they will make you want to revisit this place in the future!

It was a humbling week of growth for me, mentally and physically, and I would definitely recommend it! Elvira Zetterberg, Germany

Pleasant surprise


I divinely stumbled onto to this lovely place with no knowledge of reputation or Trip Advisor reviews. Just a wing and a prayer!


I had 6 days to do something with before meeting friends for further travel. Even in that short time I learned many new things about yoga and meditation to apply to my own practice.


The Ashram was so peaceful. Soothing to my soul and healthy for my body. I greatly enjoyed the food and always looked forward to tea times :) I was so inspired by authentic yoga and the yogic lifestyle that I plan to return someday for the 200 hours of teacher training. Thank you .....staff for your wisdom, knowledge, integrity and hospitality. Lisa Mariyam, UK

GURUKRUPA,  #01 Arjunabettahalli

(The Yoga Village), Near Gollahalli Gate

Nelamangala, Bangalore Rural 562 123 Karnataka, INDIA Tel: +91 9739 020102


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