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YAI Certified 100 hrs

1. Executive Summary of the Course!


Yoga is one of the 6 systems in Indian Philosophy and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is its reference manual. Bhagawad Gita is source text to be tapped to understand and practice Yogic lifestyle.

At, Shrimath, the students get inputs from the above texts, apart from learning to practice and teach 75 Yogasanas, 4 Pranayama techniques, Yoga Nidra, Mudra and Kriya from  the Satyananada Yoga tradition. This course helps to build an independent self practice routine and also prepares the participant to be an instructor.

An overview of the 100 hrs course

10days 100hrs Yoga Course
An overview of the 100 hrs Yoga course

2. Other aspects of the Course..


From other living traditions, processes such as Sakshi Bhava, Mantras etc., are shared to deepen the Meditative experience. The 2 activities are part of residential course - (i) daily interaction with rural school kids and (ii) working with nature at Shrimath farm, help us to stay grounded in life. ​​


This course helps us to understand whether Yoga could be a career and serves as a gateway to other Yoga courses at Shrimath and elsewhere.

3. Course Dates

No residential courses till October 2020

Our residential courses are capped at 10 participants per batch

4. Course Fee 

(includes stay, food and all sessions) 

INR 33,000 (for Indian citizens)

USD 700 (for Others)​

Fee for ONLINE course: USD 450

Only a maximum of 8 participants per batch

Kindly refer to FAQs for Exclusions

Yes I am interested to know more...

"I was living life stuck on stupid. Making every decision based on emotions from the past. Constantly creating a future formed from my previous experiences. I was living a negative pattern of " just more of the same . There is no quick fix to this problem, there is only a process of things that we have to go through in order to consistently act in a new way.


The team at Shrimath Yoga approaches the system of self discovery as an integrated whole. Working both with the limited system of the body and our divine interconnection with the cosmos."

John Bate, Canada

" My meeting with Krishna was destiny, in my opinion. I felt a complete peace and calm, as he asked me to wait for a few minutes while he was taking class for someone else. He then patiently explained to me about the course and I signed up on the spot.


The course covered all aspects of true values in life and work, with asanas and postures were one but an important part of it. There is a neighborhood village school where we spent some mornings teaching to a very enthusiastic set of children."

Dr Ashok Rijhwani, India / UK

GURUKRUPA,  #01 Arjunabettahalli

(The Yoga Village), Near Gollahalli Gate

Nelamangala, Bangalore Rural 562 123 Karnataka, INDIA Tel: +91 9739 020102


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